Never chase a friend down for money again

Reduce the hassle and awkwardness of lending money to friends and family

Share money with those you care about

Research shows that when you help friends financially, everyone benefits; money gets paid back without hassle and everyone feels more connected.

We have made it easy for you to lend to friends and family without the need to ask for your loan repayment therefore making helping a friend in need fun and profitable.

You can choose to lend to a friend in need or choose to request for a loan from a friend. We will charge the borrowers repayment method automatically and credit the lender. We have made the process super easy for you to get started.

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I was able to borrow money from my cousin through LendLot, I didn't need to visit him and the repayment was taken from my account automatically. This is amazing!

Godswill Olalere

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